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Tips For Homebuyers

When you own a new home, every question is important. Some of the questions we’re asked most frequently are answered below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Electrical - How do I reset an electric breaker that has been tripped? 

There are separate electric breakers inside the main circuit panel that control different areas of the home. Each of these breakers is labeled. The breaker that has been tripped will be switched in a different position than all the others. The breaker needs to be completely switched off and then switched back on to reset.

Electrical - What if my outside outlets are not working? 
The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) has most likely been tripped. To reset it, locate the GFCI in the garage and push the reset button.

Windows - Why do my windows condensate or sweat?
This occurs when there is humidity in the home and the humidity comes in contact with the coldest area of the wall (usually the windows) and pulls moisture out of the air, causing the air to condense.

HVAC - Why is the drain line above my window dripping?
The drain line is the secondary drain line for the air conditioning system. It usually means the primary drain line is clogged and is a signal to contact the air conditioning company.

Garage Door - Why does the garage door close half way and then go back up?
When this happens, there is usually an obstruction of some kind in the door’s path. Just remove the obstruction and the door will close properly.

Setllement Cracks in Drywall and Trim - Why are there cracks in my sheetrock and trim work? 

Small cracks and separations are typically signs of slight settlement of the framing and construction materials and are commmon with every new home. These cracks are commonly caused by expansion and contraction of building materials due to changes in moisture content and temperature.  These types of cracks do not indicate a structural concern.  Please reference this article about this common issue.

Smoke Detectors - Why are my smoke detectors beeping? 

If there is no smoke or fire, it’s just time to replace the batteries.

Emergencies - What should I do in case of an emergency? 

Contact your homeowners insurance company, the fire department, or other appropriate emergency service personnel (gas company, electric company, etc.) as appropriate. EDC Homes does not provide emergency response services.

Can I pay my own contractor to perform work and expect a reimbursement?
During the warranty period, all warranty work must be performed by the original contractor. The EDC Homes warranty is a repair warranty and does not provide reimbursement for work done by a third-party repair company.