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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit a warranty request?
For quickest service, warranty requests should be submitted online using this warranty form.

What should I expect after submission?
Once we receive your warranty request, you can expect the following: 1) A confirmation that your request has been received 2) Resolution of your request in a professional and timely manner.

Does EDC Homes offer an additonal third party warranty on its new homes?

Yes. Buying a new home is one of the largest investments you will ever make, which is why it’s important to ensure your home comes with protection.   As a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty member, EDC Homes provides every new home we build with a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, the nation’s leading home warranty company.

Does EDC Homes have a Customer Care Department?

EDC Homes has a very proactive Customer Service Department as we care for your new home purchase.  Your initial Customer Care meeting occurs even before your purchase with your initial walk thru.  Our Customer Service continues at EDC Homes with a 30 day and a one year Customer Care appointment to address any warranty items you may have. 

What should I do in case of an emergency? 

Contact your homeowners insurance company, the fire department, or other appropriate emergency service personnel (gas company, electric company, etc.) as appropriate. We also recommend you contact your insurance carrier.  EDC Homes does not provide emergency response services.

What are the Hours Warranty Services are Performed?

All warranty work will be scheduled at a time when you can be home during business hours (Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Please be advised that contractors do not perform warranty services after hours or on weekends.

Do I have to be home when warranty is performed?

For warranty work to be performed, there must be someone 18 or older present who is authorized to provide access to the home and sign customer service documentation.  EDC cannot enter your home otherwise.

What are my Manufacturers’ and Systems Warranties?

EDC Homes installs quality mechanical systems and appliances in every one of our new homes. The manufacturers of these products and systems (including air conditioning, electrical and plumbing) offer their own warranties, and the home owner should coordinate directly with them to resolve any issues. Telephone numbers for all mechanical systems and appliances are listed in the EDC Welcome Package home owners receive at closing.

How do I reset an electric breaker that has been tripped? 

There are separate electric breakers inside the main circuit panel that control different areas of the home. Each of these breakers is labeled. The breaker that has been tripped will be switched in a different position than all the others. The breaker needs to be completely switched off and then switched back on to reset.

What if my outside outlets are not working? 

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) has most likely been tripped. To reset it, locate the GFCI in the garage and push the reset button.

What should I expect as for as paint and trim touchups resulting from new construction settlement? 

During the first year in your new home, settlement or drying of framing members, will occur; that may create some cracks and nail pops. This is a normal part of the settlement process as the home acclimates. We consider these to be normal homeowner maintenance responsibilities. However, EDC Homes will repair drywall cracks and nail pops one time at the 11 month anniversay.  Please understand that due to normal paint fading, we cannot gurantee a color match with any touch up.  EDC Homes will not be able to repaint any custom color.

How do I care for my concrete surfaces?

DO NOT use de-icing salts, such as calcium chloride or sodium chloride on you home’s concrete surfaces. Use clean sand for traction. NEVER use ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate as a de-icer; these are chemically aggressive and destroy concrete surfaces.  EDC Homes is not responsible for scaling and pitting due to de-icing chemicals. Please refer to articles provided by local and national concrete companies.  Garage floors, stoops, walks, patios, and driveways are made of a pre mixed concrete. Hairline cracks due to shrinkage are common. Any cracks greater than 3/16 inch in width or 1/4 inch in vertical displacement will be repaired for one year.

What if I have a floor squeek?

Floor squeaks and loose subfloor sheathing are nearly impossible to prevent. The floor joist, plywood subfloor, pipes and ducts are dissimilar materials and therefore move, expand and contract at different rates. They are all affected by changes in humidity and temperature. If you have a floor squeak in the first year of occupancy please bring it to our attention at the 11 month anniversary. We will make every reasonable attempt to repair the issue.

What if I get pests or insects?

We have provided you, at settlement, a termite inspection certificate; however, given our climate, termites and other pests can be a problem in the future. Check around your home annually or have a professional inspect for signs of termites.  Unfortunatley small pests, rodents, squirrels or other animals are not covered by the warranty.

Why would my windows condensate or sweat?

This occurs when there is humidity in the home and the humidity comes in contact with the coldest area of the wall (usually the windows) and pulls moisture out of the air, causing the air to condense.

Why would the drain line above my window drip?

The drain line is the secondary drain line for the air conditioning system. It usually means the primary drain line is clogged and is a signal to contact the air conditioning company.

Why does the garage door close half way and then go back up?

When this happens, there is usually an obstruction of some kind in the door’s path. Just remove the obstruction and the door will close properly.

Why are my smoke detectors beeping? 

If there is no smoke or fire, it’s just time to replace the batteries.  It is recommended that you test your smoke alarm weekly to assure proper operation.

Can I pay my own contractor to perform work and expect a reimbursement?

During the warranty period, all warranty work must be performed by the original contractor. The EDC Homes warranty is a repair warranty and does not provide reimbursement for work done by a third-party repair company.

How do I establish and maintain my lawn?

Your lawn and shurbs will need regular and consistent attention.  It is imnperative that your new lawn and shrubs are given adequate water to ensure that they are stabilized. After settlement, we cannot be responsible for maintaining and or establishing your lawn.  There are many lawn care services in the area that can assist you with additional seeding, fertilizization, aereation and landscaping. As you can imagine, your lawn and shrubs will show the time attention and atention granted to them.

Other Questions?
If you have any additional questions, please contact us, and we will get your question answered as soon as possible.